21st Century Diversity Recruitment Workshop


"Let us bring this workshop to your organization"



All Non-Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council departments will receive a "Free" membership to the Council and all non-fire departments will receive a "Free" Affiliate membership.


Workshop target attendees:


Fire Senior Staff

Fire Recruitment Staff

Agency HR Personnel

Union Staff

Diversity Based Fire Organizations

EMS Based Organizations

Government Management Staff

Educational Staff (High School and College)

Community Based Organizations


Suggested department attendees:

  • One senior staff
  • One recruitment staff
  • One city or county agency HR staff
  • One training staff

It is our hope that your department will join with other departments as well as other organizations to share and discuss the very important issue of "Diversity and Recruitment" in the 21st Century Fire Service.


If you are a member of a police department and also wish to learn more about diversity and recruitment we welcome you to also attend as the core information presented can easily be converted for use for your agency.


Please visit the following link to learn more about this workshop.




Lastly, it is our hope that you will share this information with other organizations within your network and ask them to do the same.


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Team Firefighter's ABC's


National Association of Secondary School Principals

In Partnership With

Firefighter's ABC's

We offer a "Free Online Internship Program


NASSP- Member Schools


Firefighter's ABC's has been a member of America's Promise Network Alliance since 2009 and assists fire departments through the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council across the U.S. and Canada, in recruiting diverse young people to become prepared, motivated, successful firefighter recruits.

To do this, we work with high schools to recruit high-need and high-potential students into their Online Internship Program

Paticipants in the program receive tips and resources on how to prepare for a career in firefighting, such as courses to take in school and life skills that will prepare them for the world of work.

This is an online internship program designed to allow many students to participate starting at the 9th grade through the 12th grade. However, any member of the National Recruit Database may take part in this program.

We strongly encourage you to include girls and boys equally as well as to reach out to those students that may not have shown an interest in the fire service thus far. 

Let's not simply target our students and youth that are considered high yeld and leave behind those considered at risk.

Firefighter's ABC's is generously offering a promotion to public high schools for all members of the NASSP to apply to become partner schools at "no cost".

This will provide online internship opportunities to up to 24 students at the first 10 public high schools per state to apply.

We also ask that you share this offer with other public high schools within your local city, county, state as well as with your school contacts ourside your state and Canada.

Simply have each school complete the school and sponsorship form leaving the payment section blank and email it back as an attachment.

The contact person for each school will then receive their welcome letter etc. via their email address.

Download form at:

School sponsorship form:


Remember to type "NASSP" on your School Sponsorship Form



Overview of Program



We strongly encourage both students in current fire programs as well as those that are not with a special focus on the following:


Please include girls, at risk, low GPA, diverse etc. to this program.


Sample savings plan for EMT and Paramedic School


Sample school handout



Note: This free offer is only for ten high schools per state - on a first come bases.






About Firefighter's ABC's


With a passion for diversity and recruitment, Russell G. Hayden, CEO, founded Firefighter's ABC's in 1999. He brings 34 years of fire service experience that culminated with his retirement from San Jose Fire Department in CA.

His many years of service spanned a broad array of positions including Recruitment, Public Education, Public Information and Company Liaison Officer. He also spent three years as the Environmental Compliance Programs / Fire Safety Manager for a large private sector company in CA.

Recognizing the needs of candidates to be better prepared for their application and testing process, Mr. Hayden developed the acclaimed eight-hour course entitled "The ABC's of Becoming a Firefighter". He continues to conduct this highly effective course throughout the nation.

Through hundreds of conversations with fire departments nation-wide, Firefighter's ABC's observed a host of challenges that hinder the fulfillment of diversity recruitment goals within the fire service. Many fire departments proclaim that recruiting qualified candidates, from diverse backgrounds, is literally like finding the proverbial "Needle in a Haystack".

While some departments do a better job than others, the anecdotal evidence clearly indicates that the vast majority of programs are not sustained over time and are not comprehensive or broad enough in scope. This led Mr. Hayden to form the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council and to couple it with the National Recruit Database.

This "Power in Numbers" approach benefits from the collaboration of shared "Best Practices" and the budgetary efficiencies of sharing a much broader pool of diverse candidates.

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