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Johnny Brewington – Past President of the International Association of
Black Professional Fire Fighters

Chair of IABPFF Public Education Committee (2008); Awarded Cleveland Division of Fire - Fire Chief's Award (2008); Board of Directors for Fire 20/20 (2006 to the present); Instructor for Fire Fighter Training Academy at Cuyahoga Community College (May 2005 to the present); Appointed Acting Chief of the Highland Hills Fire Department (2004); Appointed to the Cleveland Municipal School/Cuyahoga Community College Firefighter Training Program (2004).

Fire Chief Daryl Osby: Los Angeles County Fire Department

Over his numerous years in the fire service, Fire Chief Osby's rapid rise in rank included heading the East Regional Operations Bureau for the Los Angeles County Fire Department prior to being named Deputy Chief.

With a strong orientation for community service and recruitment, he was very involved with the Katrina relief effort as well as the Educational Development Institute. He is also a member of the Stentorian organization for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Fire Chief Osby's primary contribution to Firefighter's ABC's is assistance in the area of optimizing Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council programs that allow them to be conducted effectively and in a cost efficient manner. He does this through his mentorship to Firefighter's ABC's as well as providing much needed insight into the workings of the fire service from a top down perspective.

Chief Osby is the youngest Fire Chief in the history of the Los Angeles County Fire Department - one of the largest fire departments in the United States.

Oh, by the way his father Robert E. Osby was the Fire Chief of Oceanside, San Diego, San Jose and Inglewood Fire Departments and his mother once worked for Gilroy Fire Department.

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