Our Advisory Board

“Our Success As A Team Comes From Our Diversity”






Bill Hershman:  Corporate Outreach Liaison: Appleton, WI

Bill currently serves as President of Pro-Tec Fire Services, a Green Bay (WI)-based company that provides Aircraft Rescue Firefighting staffing, management, and training to airports, airparks, and aircraft manufacturers in the United States and Canada.  Bill has nearly 25 years’ experience as a senior executive with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.  He has worked for some of the most recognizable brand names in the fire service industry such as the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Firehouse Magazine, Oshkosh Corporation, Pierce Manufacturing, and Rosenbauer America.  Bill additionally has more than 30 years’ experience in the fire and emergency services as a first responder, fire and emergency medical service instructor, chief-level officer, and emergency management consultant.

As the Corporate Outreach Liaison, Bill will manage obtaining corporate funding and support both in the United States and Canada.

Battalion Chief Johnny Brewington: (Retired) – Fire Service Management: Cleveland, OH Served as the Seventh President for the International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters (2002 – 2008) and retired Battalion Chief for the Cleveland Division of Fire (Ohio). Served as a national spokesperson for the USFA Campaign to Reduce Fire Deaths among African-American Infants and Toddlers in 2004. An Alumnus of the Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute at Dillard University and the National Fire Academy. Awards of Valor: Cleveland Fire Department, City of Cleveland, Rotary Club, State of Ohio, International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters, and Firehouse Magazine.

Darcy Pierson: – Diversity Advisor and Outreach Manager: Oshkosh, WI  She is the Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Oshkosh Corporation, a leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles and vehicle bodies, since 2018. In this role, Darcy provides leadership guidance to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion are integrated into all business practices and Oshkosh Corporation’s People First Culture. Prior to joining Oshkosh, Darcy spent 27 years in the Financial Services industry in a full range of business areas, including Sales, Talent Management, Organizational Development, Change Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Diversity & Inclusion. During her tenure leading diversity & inclusion, the bank doubled their minority team member population and grew female representation in senior leadership positions from 17% to 31%. She is past-president of JDRF NEW and serves on other non-profit organizations with the mission of social transformation through color-brave conversation, education, and advocacy.

Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby: Fire Service Management: Los Angeles, CA Over his numerous years in the fire service, Fire Chief Osby’s rapid rise in rank included heading the East Regional Operations Bureau for the LA County Fire Department prior to being named Deputy Chief. With a strong orientation for community service and recruitment, he was very involved with the Katrina relief effort as well as the Educational Development Institute. He is also a member of the Stentorian organization for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Chief Osby was the youngest Fire Chief in the history of the Los Angeles County Fire Department – one of the largest fire departments in the United States.


Fire Chief Michael E. Smith: (Retired) – Fire Management Liaison: Fairfield, CA In 1978, Mr. Smith became the first African-American firefighter in Monterey, California. He joined the San Jose (CA) Fire Department in 1981 and rose through the ranks to become Deputy Chief. The progression through his thirty-year career in the fire service culminated in the role of Fire Chief for the cities of Fresno and Fairfield in California. Throughout his career, Mr. Smith has exercised a firm commitment to diversity recruitment within the fire service. This driving force has led to his ongoing outreach efforts within the faith-based and educational segments of the communities that he has served. Served as Pres. for the League of CA Cities and as a Board Member of Metro Chiefs.

Linda – LaJoyce – Deloris – Office Support Team: All from CA Linda is a retired senior manager at IBM with 40 years of management experience. Now she manages their properties in Canada, Hawaii and California. LaJoyce the first Black dispatcher for San Jose serving Police and Fire. She is the Co-Owner of Firefighter’s ABCs and a serious Rubber Stamper. Deloris served as first lady for two fire departments, IFD, SJFD, and worked for GFD all in CA. She, supports FFABC’s and is enjoying her first great grandchild the grandchild of Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby.

Fire Chief Michael Stanley: Fire Management Liaison: Oshkosh, WI Michael is a 26 year veteran of emergency services and is the Fire Chief for the Oshkosh (WI) Fire Department. Prior to that, he was a Commander with the Aurora (CO) Fire Department. He possesses a Master of Education and Human Resources degree from Colorado State University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership for Emergency Services, and Associate’s degrees in Fire Science Technology and Paramedicine.  He was also selected as Fire Chief of the Year for WI.

Dr. Cassi Fields: Vice President of Business Development, Emergency Services Consulting International, Inc. – Testing Advisor. Boca Raton, FL Dr. Cassi Fields sold her public safety testing and training consulting firm to ESCI in 2017 and still serves on the leadership team of ESCI. The two companies, now one, are growing at an incredibly rapid rate in public safety strategic and master planning, along with testing, training and executive recruitment. Dr. Fields is an internationally-renowned Industrial – Organizational Psychologist who has pioneered many of the nation’s most successful human capital selection initiatives, promotion and training programs. She is the founder of D.C.-based, Limited Exposure Theory (LeT©) Corporation, which explains why barriers to advancement exist and helps the disadvantaged land a job or advance in their careers. Dr. Fields frequently speaks on LET at both police and fire training conferences, most recently at the 2107 FRI. Since receiving her Ph.D. from George Washington University in 1989, Dr. Fields has dedicated her career to helping public safety agencies and at-risk organizations. She serves as an advisor to numerous large-scale public sector executives and organizations, particularly those that have experienced repetitive employment discrimination lawsuits. Fields has developed hundreds of assessment centers for Police, Fire, and Sheriff Departments throughout the U.S.; directing and administering innovative and highly-effective testing and measurement tools. This has leveled the playing field by providing standardized metrics that provide fair opportunities for program participants, thus helping public safety agencies undo years of litigation (claiming employment discrimination in promotions). Dr. Fields spends most of her time these days building business for ESCI, and offering mentorships and resume building for future fire executives.

Ph.D. Rhonda E. Farber: Educational Advisor, San Jose, CA Spending nearly 40 years in any career is a notable achievement, but when that entire time was devoted to dealing with teenagers in school, it becomes noteworthy. Campbell Union High School District superintendent Rhonda Farber worked in high school education for 40 +/- years, and that huge milestone in the same district where she started. Her whole career has been in Campbell Union High School District and I’m really, really proud of that. While attending UC-Berkeley, Farber gained another valuable experience that she said cemented her future as an educator. As part of her program at the university, she worked at a prison in Vacaville to help the inmates earn high school diplomas. “It was so rewarding,” she said. “To know that I helped these people, and the teaching and the learning that was done, it was so exciting.” After graduation, Farber said she didn’t think there was anything she would ever do but work in education. She was hired by CUHSD in 1972. Farber’s first foray into administration came at Blackford, where she served as a dean for two years. She then advanced to vice principal at that school, where she remained for another two years. Then Farber served as Westmont’s vice principal for one year followed by seven years as principal. At that point, more than 20 years into her career, she said she came to a bit of a crossroads. Rhonda and Russell met in 1968 while both were in summer school at San Jose State University.

Melissa Swank: Office Content Manager and Social Media Manager – Tigard, OR

After eight years in public safety consulting, Melissa recently initiated her venture as an independent Quality Assurance (QA) Consultant.

Incorporating all previous professional experience, she ensures the consistent quality of her clients’ processes and products, assists with developing and implementing sustainable practices in project administration and management, and is the technical writing lead for proposals, reports, and all other business products.

She plays a crucial role in business by ensuring that all products (reports, proposals, website, social media, surveys, and newsletters) meet the highest thresholds of  improving her clients’ overall efficiency and profitability by reducing time and product waste. She has a passion for accuracy and fact-checking that permeates every aspect of her professional tasks.

She joined the Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) team in 2013 as a Project Assistant. My initial responsibilities included support in administrative functions of project-related assignments, including overall planning, tracking, and documentation of multiple projects from the project proposal (RFP) phase to project closeout. My role at ESCI has evolved into other positions, including Recruitment Specialist and Quality Assurance Specialist. As ESCI’s Recruitment Specialist, I am the lynchpin in all executive recruitment and selection projects for ESCI.  It is my role to ensure that all recruitment applicants feel fully informed throughout the processes. As ESCI’s Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist, I am responsible for ensuring the consistent quality of production processes by developing and implementing sustainable practices and leading the proofing and editing of final products. I play a crucial role in business by ensuring that all products (reports, proposals, website, social media, surveys, and newsletters) meet certain thresholds of professionality. I daily strive to improve organizational efficiency and profitability by reducing time and product waste. My professional experience, keen eye for detail, and training qualify me to provide the highest level of professional support. I have a passion for accuracy and fact-checking that permeates every aspect of my professional tasks.


  • Master of Arts, Portland State University, 2013
  • Bachelor of Arts, Portland State University, 2009
  • Associate of Arts, 2007
  • Quality Assurance & Recruitment Specialist at ESCI, January 2020–Present
  • Recruitment Specialist at ESCI, July 2017–2020
  • Technical Proofer & Quality Assurance Consultant at ESCI, March 2015–2020
  • Adjunct Research Assistant at Portland State University, December 2015–2018
  • Freelance Virtual Assistant, December 2014–Present
  • Project Assistant at Emergency Services Consulting International, September 2013–June 2014
  • Project Assistant/Fact Checker at the Oregon Encyclopedia Project, September 2011–June 2013
  • Project Assistant at The Confluence Project, June 2012–November 2012
  • Project Assistant at Chinook Oral History Project, October 2011–April 2012

Jasmine “JazC J” Rodriguez: Is a dynamic “On Fire” artist – Phoenix, AZ

JazC has joined FFABC’s to add value to the internship program by developing and uploading videos with music, rap, art etc. And to showcase what FFABC’s is doing, what the company is about, and to educate our diverse youth (with a focus on females) on the company to bring in promote the Fire Service and EMS Field as a career of choice to those who have not been embraced toward these fields thus far.
She began singing at age three and soon developed a passion for rapping at age nine. Her artistry and talent were showcased to the world after releasing her first hit song “They Call Me Lil Jazz” which lead to her first CD in 2009.
JazC J comes from a unique and intriguing background which is how she embraces her style. As a combination of east and west coast poise, her southwestern elegance separates her from all else. She has been seen on various hit TV shows on Nickelodeon. She was casted on Netflix’s Rhythm and Flow and she aspires to help others relate and heal through her music and entertainment mechanisms.
Jasmine’s stage presence, lyrical ability, dancing as well as her acting skills, and her overall personality are out of this world!
Her goal is to help and support FFABC’s in reaching those thought to be unreachable throughout the United States and Canada – via her lyrical ability and via social media.

Ymani Rollins: Social Media and Membership Intern – Los Angles, CA Hello everyone, I am honored to have been selected as one of the social media and community advisors for Firefighter’s ABCs. I accepted this role to both better prepare myself for a career in the Fire Service and EMS Field and to encourage women with a focus on women of color to have a platform in the firefighting vocation. The goal being to increase their interest in fire related careers. Also to provide supplemental outreach to boost the percentage of marginalized women to join our sector of emergency first responders. I plan to use my experience as a civil affairs specialist and airborne soldier to guide me. As well as my experience as a certified EMT and the pursuit of my Bachelors degree in Health Science.

George Szymkiewicz: Websavvy Consulting, San Jose, CA All IT issues related to our site were designed, built and are maintained by Websavvy Consulting. They work with every size and type of organization and have websites and commerce packages for every budget. Yes, although they have many clients – we feel Firefighter’s ABCs was a special one of a kind project and we’re proud to have them be part of our team.

Jonathan Taylor: Illustrator, Animator and Graphic Designer: Dallas, TX

He is a self trained artist born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Jonathan received further professional training from the Art Institute of Dallas and has created beautiful unique artwork and murals for multiple businesses and organizations throughout the DFW Metroplex area of TX.
Jonathan can create culinary art carvings and sculptures and has a T-Shirt screen printing business as well.
In addition to that, he is the creator of the animated comedy series “Chunkie Bunnies”, which highlights the lives of a family of fluffy rabbits and their day to day routines and shenanigans.

The artist would like to extend to a special thanks to Mary Havaland, Alexis Blunt, Kevin Krenick, Bill Hobson and The Art Institute of Dallas staff.