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Formed by Firefighter's ABC's, the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council is a nation-wide forum of fire organizations and their HR Recruitment Teams. The Council's mission is to achieve levels of diversity that more closely reflect the racial and gender make-up of served communities. Through this collaboration, our ultimate objective is to maintain a full pipeline of diverse candidates while lowering the cost of their recruitment by:

  • Sharing "Best Practices" in the recruitment of diverse candidates.
  • Programs that more effectively target quality candidates.
  • Preparation tools that increase testing success rates.
  • Extending the pool of diverse candidates through the National Recruit Database.

While full "Council" membership is open to all fire departments, certain benefits are exclusive to "Affiliate Members".
Affiliate membership is open to anyone seeking to promote diversity within the fire service.
Affiliate Membership Benefits Include:

  • Receive 20 "Free" subscriptions to the National Recruit Database under the D.R.I.V.E. Program. Click here for more information on D.R.I.V.E. Program
  • Ability to set up user accounts for those organizations or persons you choose to sponsor.
  • Ability to purchase additional reduced subscriptions to the National Recruit Database through you account.
  • Receive articles by diversity recruitment experts and Council members.
  • Ability to enter names of person you wish to sponsor to the National Recruit Database.

In addition to the valuable benefits outlined above, your membership fee of only $95 per year guarantees the lowest fees to attend Council conferences.

Join Now & Begin Supporting Diversity within the Fire Service

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