21st Century Diversity Recruitment Workshop


"Let us bring this workshop to your organization"


Workshop target attendees:


Fire Senior Staff

Fire Recruitment Staff

Agency HR Personnel

Union Staff

Diversity Based Fire Organizations

EMS Based Organizations

Government Management Staff

Educational Staff (High School and College)

Community Based Organizations


Suggested department attendees:

  • One senior staff
  • One recruitment staff
  • One city or county agency HR staff
  • One training staff

It is our hope that your department will join with other departments as well as other organizations to share and discuss the very important issue of "Diversity and Recruitment" in the 21st Century Fire Service.


If you are a member of a police department and also wish to learn more about diversity and recruitment we welcome you to also attend as the core information presented can easily be converted for use for your agency.


Lastly, it is our hope that you will share this information with other organizations within your network and ask them to do the same.


Best Regards


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21st Century Diversity Recruitment Workshop