California FD, Federal FD, Native Land FD or other approved Organizations my be granted "Free" Memberships to the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council


Please take a moment to review our material and as a result it is my hope that your Organization will join the other members of the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council and National Recruit Database through this “Free” offer.

Simply join for “Free” and submit the following via email to

  • Organization / Department Name
  • Organization / Head First & Last Name or Approving Person First & Last Name
  • Organization / Contact First & Last Name
  • Organization / Contact Email Address
  • Organization / Contact Phone - Work
  • Organization / Contact Phone - Cell 
  • Organization / Address
  • Organization / City
  • Organization / State, Provience or other
  • Organization / Zip, Postal Code or other
  • Organization / Web Site - This is required*
  • Once submitted the contact will receive via their email the following:
    • A FDRC welcome and membership letter which will contain the following:
      • Username - The contacts email address
      • Password - Auto generated via the welcome letter
    • Thereafter your organization will be able to log in and begin using your member tools
      • You must log in and update your agency information to activate your account*
      • You will at this time be able to change your password
      • You will also be able to add additional users to your account so more than on person in your organiztion will have access (we encourage you to give three persons access)
    • Any Native Land Fire Agency can join for “Free” regardless of location
    • Any Federal Fire Agency can join for “Free” regardless of location
    • Any California Fire Agency can join for "Free"
    • Any organiztion which has been granted a "Free" FDRC partnership
      • To qualify for a "Free" partnership request such via email

If you qualify for a “Free” membership to the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council you shall adhere and agree to the following:

    • Your location resides in the State of CA, on Native Land or Federal Land*
    • If you select a “Free” membership do not join online - submit the above information*

We also offer a 100% Free Online Internship Program for candidates.

This is an online internship program designed to allow diverse students to participate starting at the 9th grade through the 12th grade and post college.  We strongly encourage you to include females and males equally as well as to reach out too those that may have not shown an interest in the fire service thus far.

We also ask that you share this offer with high schools within your local city, county, state as well as with other contacts you may have internationally.

Once a candidate joins via our online process they will receive via email:

    • A welcome letter
    • Username – Their email address
    • Password – Auto generated via the site welcome letter

Overview of Program

We strongly encourage both students in current fire programs as well as those that are not in a fire program to join with a special focus on females. 

Please encourage diversity, females, at risk students, low GPA students and other youth to join. Don't you decide who can be our next firefighter - let them decide for themselves.


Russell G. Hayden – Founder

"Let's Support Our Next Generation of Firefighters"

A Message From Our Founder
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